Let’s Work Together

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Let’s Work Together

Looking to write your memoir or autobiography? I can help.

  • I’ve been writing about muay thai for over ten years.
  • I’ve co-authored and ghostwritten memoirs about fighters.

Now I want to help you write your book.

How it Works

Round One: Feeling Out Process

First things first. We have to see if you want me writing your book. And I have to see if I want to write your book. As a writer, I don’t accept all offers that come my way. Just as you, the fighter, don’t accept all offers that come your way. It has to work out for both of us. To make sure of this, we can get to know each other in person or over Skype.

Round Two: Game Plan

After the feeling out process is over, it’s time to jump in and talk about what kind of book you want to write. Will it be an autobiography about your life? Or will it be a memoir about a specific time in your life, such as fighting? We’ll establish the answer to these questions (and a lot more) as we develop the game plan that’s going to bring this book to life.

Round Three: Training

Writing a memoir or autobiography worth reading takes work, and a lot of self-reflection. My interview questions won’t be easy. They won’t be comfortable. But they are necessary. You’ll have to revisit memories you’d rather avoid. But when you work through them a healing process takes place. You’re writing the memoir not just to have a book, but close the open chapters in your life and heal old wounds. You want to show the world how your experiences have shaped you.

Round Four: The Fight

Once I get all the material I need, I start working on outlining and structuring your book. Once I finish the outline, I submit it to you for review. Once you approve the outline, I work on one chapter and submit that to you. Once you approve the voice, tone, and direction of the chapter, then I continue writing the rest of the book. I send you the first draft once I’m done. And then we work on it until you’re happy with it.

Round Five: Championship Round

Once you’re happy with the manuscript then it’s time for editing, proofreading, designing, and then publishing of your book. I can handle the editing, proofreading, and publishing of your book. But you’ll have to find a designer to help with the cover. Or I can find one for you.

Let’s Talk